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New Trilogy Sale to Harlequin Teen!

I’m so excited to let you know that…


Harlequin Teen will be publishing my Norse YA trilogy!!!!


It will be a part of their new Harlequin Teen Digital First initiative, so the books will come out next year digitally. Official release dates and blurbs will be announced but I believe book one is due to release in March. My editor is Mary-Theresa Hussey and I already think she’s fabulous. ;)



Right now, the trilogy is tentatively titled DAUGHTERS OF DESTINY. These are Norse YA paranormal romances featuring triplets who sacrifice everything to help stop the end of the world–Ragnarok–while knowing one of them is fated to die. Raven, Coral and Kat carry the souls of norns and each story is told simultaneously from each sister after they have to split up. The titles are:


FORESWORN —Yes, we’re leaving in the “e” for continuity.  ;)


I’m thrilled. Absolutely thrilled. I got the call at the beginning of this year so it’s been a little hard to contain my excitement. It’s been a dream of mine to publish with Harlequin. So, the revisions I’ve been talking about lately were for the first book, FORETOLD, which features Raven and Vanir. 

Will Take time

After announcing I was paring things down, here I am joining another website. But in my post, I talked about how much I use social media to find books to read. Looks like a lot of my favorite book lovers might be leaving GR, so I came here so I can still get recommendations.


But this will take me some time. I'm also an author and have two close deadlines and um, this site is a bit confusing. I'm checking into how to get my books in here--as soon as I figure out how to change my too-long bio. Sheesh. 


Looking forward to seeing good books!